Vets bills ... but happy faces!!! Holiday time!!!

So Easter is on the mend, eating again, bleating constantly and bouncing around like a mad thing. I think whatever the bill will be its more than worth it to see her back to normal!
Also I have decided that at some point a shetland pony must come into my life. I love my driving and having met the most adorable shetland yesterday whilst watching my sister compete.... lets be honest I was snuggling the teeny tiny pony instead of watching properly. I did watch her actual round. I am a good sister honest!! 
But look at this munchkin!!
He is literally the most adorable thing I have ever seen, Id love to eventually have a team of these little naughtiest to drive.

So sheep sorted and ponies fed we are all set to head for Scotland at some ungodly hour in the morning. 
I've written out a list for mum about various feeding regimes for the dog, ponies, rabbit, birds and the lambs. Safe to say she will have her hands full with my gang of monsters!!
I'm a little clingy to my pets, I don't like going away without them but we will be back on Saturday so It will be nice to see how they progress, especially little Easter.
I was worried that she wasn't growing but when I look back at the photos of her when I had her at two days old its easy to see that she has grown. I just forget that she is a much smaller breed than the two that she lives with and it makes her look smaller!!
Having had a few recent health issues I am planning to use this break as a fresh start for myself, I want to get into a good routine with the horses when I am back, I think my brain needs the little break, there has been a lot going on lately. 
I'm also taking the camera so hopefully there will be some good opportunities to practise my photography.
I'm hoping that I will have plenty of chance to  write whilst I am there, but I cant promise an internet connection to post my musings. Will just have to do my best. 
So I'm going to walk lots, take lots of photos, write lots and hopefully I will keep everyone upto date. If not I will bombard everyone with posts as soon as I am back.


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